When you know who you are beyond the shadow of a doubt and you exercise the courage to BE that person in every moment, there is nothing standing in the way of you being truly, deeply, soulfully happy.

Mmmmmm. Yes. Read that again. 

Are you at least the tiniest bit curious about what that says about you if you’re not happy? If you’re curious then you’re in the right place!

I loooove deep questions like this. You know, the kind that make your brain do somersaults and even ache a bit because you have to think so deeply about who you are, you’re place in the world, and what exactly it all means. The kind of questions you have to marinate in and return to over and over. Mmmm hmmm.

That’s me. Curious. Deep thinker. Always learning. Looking for maximum impact on myself and the world. Willing to do the hard work to get this one precious life “right” by my own definition. I’ve always been that way.

After a decade of constant personal exploration and learning, I support my coaching clients in answering those big questions for themselves so they can attain their own level of truly, deeply, soulfully happy. My work is about finding satisfaction at a soul level. Soulisfaction

My path to getting here wasn’t simple. (Let’s be real… personal exploration/development/pick-your-word is never simple.) 

When I was 25 I found myself with clinical depression and a 3-day a week therapy schedule. I remember very distinctly having the thought sometime during those early days, “I don’t even know what I believe in.” Such a simple thought but for me it was profound and it lead me on a complex journey of discovering myself. Now I’m pretty solid there (I don’t think you’re every totally solid there – you’re edges are always shifting a bit with each new stage of life) and I like who I am.

When I was 31 I lost a baby at six months pregnant. My daughter Kate died before she ever took a breath. I delivered her, kissed her goodbye, and left the hospital with empty arms. The overwhelming grief challenged what I knew about myself and asked me to step into the next phase of growth – vulnerability, compassion, and connection. 

And now… now I’m in a place where I’m putting it all together. I know for myself what it means to truly live. I know what true connection looks and feels like. Kate ignited a drive to leave a legacy that makes a positive impact on the world. And I just so happen to have the skills and talents to do it as a coach. Trifecta? I think so. My path was woven together beautifully to bring me to the work I do today. 

Live + Love + Legacy… it’s that beautiful place where things come together in a way that feels sooooo right. Like it was meant to be. 

I coach from a place of essence. I continually remind my clients to always come back to and drive for what matters at a soul level. It’s where meaning begins and it’s where you’re in the best position to make choices that will serve you well in the long run.

This often results in working on things like knowing who you are at your core and feeling grounded in that, figuring out what you want for your life, choosing the work you’re meant to do… these are not easy questions and they are not quickly answered but for the curious and dedicated client they are entirely worth the effort. 

A strong personal foundation is the key to soulisfaction. 

Consider this my invitation (or warning?) to get deep and philosophical. To ponder personal and existential questions. To go inside. Because really, there’s no point in living life on the surface. You weren’t born for that, honey. Not you.