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As a coach, I help people when they’re stuck and they don’t know what’s next. I help my clients get clear on who they are what they want and use that information to choose their next steps. I do a lot of work with core values as I find them to be critical to my clients’ lasting success. 

My primary goal as a coach is to support you in living the life you desire (or figuring out what that is if you don’t know yet!). To this end, I believe in offering multiple ways for us to work together and I’m always open to creating something unique together. Just ask!

Monthly Retainer – $250/month

Two 60-minute sessions per month, billed monthly, and email support between sessions.

Core Values Profile – $750

Over the course of four 60-minute sessions I’ll guide you through my proprietary process of identifying your core values, confirming they’re actually your values and not absorbed from someone else, and assessing your current life alignment with your values. From there we’ll identify any areas of your life that need to change to be in better alignment with your values and make an action plan. As a bonus, I’ll give you my Guide to Radical Decisions that you can use to improve your confidence in major life decisions by showing you how to incorporate the core values work we do into future decisions. Email support between sessions is included. 

Pay per Session* – $150/hour

Book your sessions as needed, on your own timeline. (*Only available to clients who’ve completed a Core Values Profile with me or previous monthly retainer clients.)

Custom Coaching Engagement

We’ll work together to design a custom package based on your personal needs. 

If you’re not ready to work together one-on-one yet, check out some of my free resources or send me an email just to say, “Hi!” and tell me a bit about what brought you here or ask any questions you have.

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What’s the first step?

The first step in working together is always to schedule a free virtual coffee date so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss what coaching is (and is NOT!), what you hope to gain, and decide if my methods will work for you. Set your time zone below and hop on my calendar for a free chat.